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Oh City Chic. You are mostly awesome. You make sexy clothes for sexy fat women and I’m just going to (admittedly utilise my inbetweenie privilege to) ignore the whole ‘where are your larger sizes disappearing to, hmmm?’ controversy because as far as I’m concerned you rock.

Except when you post this on your Facebook page:

(it gets bigger if you rub it. Or clicking works too.)

No word of lie, my very first thought was “your Mum on my face”. But then I remembered that not getting banned from clothing sites was the responsible thing to do, so I replied thusly:

A moustache! No, a Bart Simpson costume! No, a t-shirt with the legend ‘THIS ENTIRE POST IS JUST BODY-POLICING AND FAT-SHAMING. CITY CHIC, THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT YOUR TARGET MARKET’!! Frankly y’all are really lucky you’re getting my second, third, and fourth thoughts, because my first would probably have gotten me banned.

And then this happened:

It was the best day ever.