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Ok, first off my camera sucks. No, no, I’m not fishing for compliments, it’s just the truth (waits for echoes of “nooo, MY camera sucks! Yours is just water weight!”). So for now you’re getting photobooth pictures, and you’ll damn well like it. Or put up with it until I get a new camera. Either way’s cool.

This was today’s outfit:

Yup, those really are my proportions. Massive top half, eensy bottom half. Just call me Guido Carosella.

Outfit details: Black vegan!leather dress from Ricochet, star print chiffon pussybow blouse from Jayjays via Trademe, shoes from Molly N via a friend’s wardrobe clearout, black opaque tights from Glassons. Nails were OPI silver shatter over OPI You Don’t Know Jaques, but they were chipped so a close-up would have just been embarrassing for us all.

I LOVE this dress. It’s not real leather but it looks it, and as long as I like the feel I’m not too worried. It crumples beautifully around my waist, and it’s shorter than most of my skirts and dresses so I feel different wearing it. I even look, dare I say it, LEGGY. At five-foot-and-a-half-inch that’s a big fecking deal. But this photo is taken at a downward angle and I’m in low heels so you can’t tell in the photo. But the legginess is there. Oh yeah.

Last time I wore this dress to work I wasn’t sure if a leather dress was suitable workwear, even by my rather broad definition. So I played it down by wearing a light over-jacket-thing of black broidiere anglais over the top. It looked awesome. But today I wanted to push it a little so no cover-up for me! It’s leather or bust. Or both, since I have a lot of both. Cough. Anyway, I like how the strong lines of the leather contrast nicely with the floaty chiffon and pussy bow. Next time I wear this dress I’m pairing it with a little cardigan and pearls. Pearls are cool.