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Loyal subjects, I’ve been thinking I had better put my money where my mouth is and post some proper damn colourblocking. Behold:

Ok, ok, I admit it, that’s not me (except for the cameo my fingers are making in the lower right corner). But look at the posing! I think we’ve found New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and this one has the added bonus of an actual personality. He’s probably not skinny enough to walk for World, though. Such is life.

But the actual outfit I’m posting about is not far off from Loki’s natural colour scheme:

Outfit details: orange shirt from Topshop, gold lame belt from Dotti, yellow double-circle skirt made by me, textured nude tights from Glassons, orange suede heels from Plimmer Shoes, necklace from… Grandma? Uncle Ralph? I don’t remember.

I’m wearing a petticoat under the skirt to achieve the 50s shape I love so much, but let’s face it – 6 metres of heavy cotton (and 9 metres of curved hem fuck me my arms were sore the next day) will fall how it pleases.

But why the gold belt? I went with the gold because I don’t own an orange or yellow belt (pftwhatisthis), but I wanted a belt to hold the outfit together. Between the intense, saturated tones of the orange and yellow the gold lame blended in enough to not interrupt the colourblocking while still providing a belt shape. A black, brown, or even silver belt would have called too much attention to itsself. I considered a red belt, and maybe it could have worked, but at the time I decided I didn’t want a third bold colour in there. It’s another possibility for future reference, though.

Similarly my customary big chunky jewellery would have been too much with the bright colours and bold shapes already happening all up in here, so I’m wearing a very delicate necklace with little rings in shades of gold. Again, I wanted to have a necklace, but nothing that drew attention. This is so unusual for me that I think a few friends just fainted.

I’m quite lucky when it comes to bright colours – I have light olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, so I can pull off any colour in full pigment saturation without needing to carefully balance my makeup to Make It Work*. In fact, I… did the opposite. You saw that coming, didn’t you.

Yellow and orange eyeshadow, with liquid eyeliner. Because when I do insane amounts of colour I damn well do it RIGHT. The red line on my nose is from my glasses. They were getting in the way of the photo. Who knew.

I have one more thing to show you. I went delicate shapes with shades of gold for my necklace, but chose something different for my ears:

Burlwood single flare plugs, 1/2″ but with a 3/4″ face. Tonal without detracting from everything else that’s going on. Colourblocking doesn’t have to reach your ears.

… although if my Frozen Fire orange dichro on white plugs had arrived IT SO WOULD HAVE REACHED MY EARS. I’M JUST SAYING.

Here endeth the lesson.



*Woe betide any attempt to wear pastels, though.