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Oh my.

Loyal subjects, some might say an hourglass shape shouldn’t wear a miniskirt. Some might say an hourglass shape, being hourglass shaped from front to back as well as side to side, shouldn’t wear anything that adds detail or width around the pooch section (technical term). Some might even say it’s a bit silly to get all dressed up on a rainy Sunday when you’re just popping down to Recycle Boutique to check your account, and maybe raiding the supermarket on the way back.

You know what I say to them?


Outfit details: Leather ruffle mini skirt from Ricochet, tunic worn as top from Supre, broderie anglais over-jacket from that little boutique in Greenwoods Corner, Auckland beside the post office but I can’t remember its name, black tights from wherever all good black tights are sold, wolf leather strap necklace from somewhere in New York years ago.

AW YEAH. CHECK OUT THIS RULE BREAKING RIGHT HERE. I’m very pleased with myself. I don’t get to wear this skirt half as much as I’d like because the exaggerated curve from my thigh to my waist means it rides up like crazy when I sit down. I don’t mind that because let’s face it, if you’re wearing a ruffled leather miniskirt you probably didn’t wake up feeling particularly ladylike that morning… but it doesn’t quite work for me in the office. To be blunt, this skirt doesn’t just show my mid-thigh tattoo when I sit down, it shows tattoos I don’t even have yet.

BUT, Loyal Subjects, I know for a fact that Anne Cordelia from The Red-Headed Snippet owns this very same skirt. And I know for a fact that she has less of a thigh-to-hip curve than I do, and I know for a fact that she is planning a ‘how to wear a ruffled leather miniskirt to work’ post!

(Credit to Hyperbole and a Half)

And now, because it’s my party and I’ll camera-whore if I want to, here’s the results of two days of tight braids:

And I am DONE!