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I’m still lacking the requisite energy for a substantial post, so instead you’re getting photos of my Rosh Hashanah haul. Rosh Hashanah is Jewish New Year, and my favourite parts are honey cake and new clothes. For the new year, gettit? It’s all symbolic ‘n’ shiz.

So what did I get?

Outfit details: Connection dress from Starfish, worn with ubiquitous black opaques and my witch boots from Mi Piaci:

This was my outfit for Synagogue. Yep, that’s, like, half my boob you can see there. That one particular cut-out part is really rather low. My reasoning, however, is that because the actual neckline is solid (it’s an uninterrupted scoop neck) the cut out parts below don’t actually register as “oh hey mammary glands how you doin’?”. Feel free to call me out on my logic in comments.

My other new item, however, is definitely not Synagogue-appropriate:

Deathshead moth t-shirt, Kate Sylvester.

There’s an angry story behind this t-shirt, but that’ll be another post. For now here is a work outfit:

Outfit details: aforementioned t-shirt worn with tulip skirt from Principals via Recycle Boutique, stretchy belt from Mum, steampunk booties from Number 1 Shoes.

And a partying like it’s 1995 outfit:

Outfit details: T-shirt yadda yadda, ruffle leather skirt from Ricochet, black opaques ad nauseum, grey/black platform booties from Plimmer Shoes.

Why 1995, you ask? My makeup reveals all:

No glasses, too much blue reflection from the screen.

I call this one ‘Pensive ’90s goth with glasses’.