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Time says the ‘nail polish index’ has overtaken the ‘lipstick index’.

Now, I’m no high-flyin’ big shot city journ’list, but it seems to me if you’d put the tiniest bit of research into this topic you would have found:

  • OPI and China Glaze have recently resurrected the shatter formula, and once again nail art is mainstream*.
  • Nail polish brands are starting to use the same marketing techniques that lipstick-focussed brands have used for years, such as using a celebrity association.
  • The advent of lip gloss as the ‘it’ lip product has split the ‘lipstick’ market.
Feel free to add to this list of reasons why I think I’d be better at writing articles than that person at the Times the Times is wrong!

My credentials, let me show you them.

*Like it ever went away *sniff*

ETA: I feel duty-bound to admit that lipstick has been touted for a season or two now over lipgloss, but I’m standing by my claim because gloss is still a great hulking presence. Just didn’t want to lose my fashion-obsession credentials. Carry on.