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Hourglass in a shift dress. No, I haven’t gone mad. The key is to wear a slip (this dress has one built in) and find a dress which neither clings or swamps you. Go up a size if you must, it’s not like anyone gives a flying fuck about numbers on a label. This dress makes me think of flappers, I think it’s the assorted knife pleats at the hem. I can’t usually pull off ’20s inspired things so this pleases your ruler greatly.

Outfit details: Dress from Farmers, patterned fishnets from Glassons, gunmetal grey shoes from Molly N via a wardrobe clear-out. Muhuhaha score. 

I took the opportunity to nab a few photos of this dress with my red and navy striped blazer which I usually wear it with. Today it stayed home because it didn’t match the gunmental grey shoes and my back isn’t good enough for my blue wedge platforms*. But it got the tiniest outing all the way to the camera and back:

This jacket aaaaaaalmost doesn’t work on me because of the stiff, straight lines on my no-straight-lines-at-all-are-you-kidding-me-and-also-boobs shape, but it hits me at that sweet spot on the waist, and as long as I don’t button it up** then it stays ‘framing’ rather than ‘boxy’.

Oh yeah.


*Yes, I am exactly this anal. Welcome to the inside of my head.

** no chance. Boobs. Doesn’t bother me though, I wouldn’t want to button it anyway SO IT’S NOT LIKE I CARE MOM JEEZ I’M GOING TO MY ROOM TO LISTEN TO GOOD CHARLOTTE AT LEAST THEY GET ME.