Loyal subjects, I’m a fan of block colours. But I’m also a fan of being contrary. So behold your divine ruler mixing patterns in one outfit! If you’re going to try this at home (and of course you are) I’d recommend either sticking with the same colour palette as I have done, or keeping the patterns approximately the same size. Or not. You should know by now I’m not going to order you to do anything you don’t want to! Wait, no, that’s a lie. But you can still wear whatever the hell you want.

Here’s me wearing whatever the hell I want:

Closer look:

Belt detail:

Close-up of the fabric:

Outfit details: Pussy-bow tunic from Glassons, daisy print circle skirt made by me, black leather Karen Walker belt.

Shoes were basic black lace-ups,  because my back injury was playing up. But if you like you can imagine I’m wearing something fabulous.