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Loyal subjects, I know I promised a review of OPI Gold Shatter but the fucking thing hasn’t arrived. I’ve had to pull a delivery dispute on that shizz ’cause Courier Post say they’ve delivered it but they are filthy. filthy liars.


Anyway, in the meantime I got another parcel! This one contained two polishes from the OPI Muppets range – Rainbow Connection and Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Rainbow Connection… occurred immediately.


The bottle is the standard OPI bottle, no surprises there. Good medium sized brush, although given that this polish includes large pieces of glitter a bigger brush may have ensured a more even spread.

The polish is a clear base with a multicoloured mix of small pieces of glitter and large hexagonal pieces. The clear base is an important point – it means that just one coat is not particularly effective on the nail, because there’s only so much glitter that gets distributed in a single layer. This polish takes commitment to apply – it’s not a slap-dash job if you want a really effective finish. BUT a clear base does mean you can layer it over other colours for a different look – I’m keen to try it over OPI Skull and Glossbones, a soft dove grey.

I did 5 coats in the end I think (2-3 is standard for me). I did deliberately thick coats to maximise the amount of glitter, though, so really it’s probably around 7 coats thick. I used an Australis 3-in-1* base/top coat as both a base coat and a top coat. The glitter in the polish means it has a rough textured finish, and while I have no problem with that it does tend to catch on things like fabric so the glitter wears off more quickly, hence recommending a top coat. Obviously I waited until each coat was completely dry before adding the next (this means you don’t get those little bubbles). I found that even with the thick coats the polish-to-glitter ratio meant it dried quite quickly – it’s not like you have to wait for glitter to dry, just the clear polish binder!

I LOVE the result – I look like I dipped my fingertips in glue, stuck my fingers in a pot of glitter, then wiped off the excess. Only, y’know, in a format which won’t fuck up my nails after. Because glue. Ick. Anyway, I even like the parts where I went onto my cuticle – with a regular polish it’s a smudge that needs to be corrected, but with Rainbow Connection it looks great, like the glitter is migrating slightly.

My only complaint is it’s not a long-wearer, I could tell immediately. Even with my typing-intensive desk job an OPI polish will usually last me 5 or so days without chipping. I applied Rainbow Connection at 10am yesterday and by 1pm the same day it was already wearing away from the tips the tiniest bit. Not so anyone would notice, but *I* could see. It’s the telescopic vision, nothing I can do about that. Anyway enough about my boring superpowers – I figure the little bits of glitter fall away pretty quickly as the clear polish wears. No matter, it’s really more of a party polish than a long-haul prospect**.


I was highly unsurprised to find my Photobooth didn’t focus on the crazy multi-directional sparkle, so as always you get many photos in lieu of good photos.

Next up will be Fresh Frog of Bel Air! And tracking down my FUCKING GOLD SHATTER YOU BASTARDS THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Toodles!

UPDATE: Yeah, this baby only lasted til Tuesday, so three-ish days. Definitely not a long-wearer.

*It’s also a ‘nail treatment’. Supposedly. Whatever, it was $8 and I had  $5 voucher at the pharmacy. So I win.

** If you think this is going to prevent me wearing this to the office you have severely underestimated my dedication to my art. Of wearing nail polish. To the office. It’s a niche genre.