Loyal subjects, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but on Halloween adults aren’t allowed to go trick or treating! They, in fact, have to go to work. I know, I know, but settle down, all is not lost. I have chocolate in the house in case of a sudden attack of small children, drunk students, or chocolate cravings, and I spooked it up at work today as much as humanly possible in an open-plan world. You see what I did there.

Outfit details: black scalloped blouse from Glassons, skirt from Bodyline worn with petticoat underneath, black tights because they’re totes spooky, creme lacquer roses belt from City Chic, cream/black heels from Mischief Shoes (bows removed), skull and crossbones brooch from Karen Walker, bat necklace and hair clip from Thornapple Bootique.

To end with full disclosure: I totally chickened out of wearing visible jewellery in my septum. I just cannae do it, captain! Not in the office. It’s a Thing.