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Round two of my OPI Muppets obsession! This one is Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Since it’s the same brand and formula as Rainbow Connection I’m not going to give such a detailed review – pretty much everything I said in my previous review applies to Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Er, except the colour of course! Fresh Frog is a clear base with emerald green glitter, and large silver hexagonal discs. I’m still torn on whether I would have preferred emerald green discs instead of silver so that the polish shows pure green with an interesting texture… but I do like this very much. How could I not? They’re Slytherin nails! Just kidding, we all know Kermit would be a Hufflepuff.

I learnt from my Rainbow Connection experience and after my base coat I applied a coat of OPI Green-wich Village, which is more Kermit green than emerald green (confused yet?) but was a close enough match for my purposes. It totally worked – three coats of Fresh Frog of Bel Air on top and I couldn’t see the creme polish at all, but by golly did it ever improve the glitter’s staying power! With the completely un-see-able layer of creme polish underneath Fresh Frog lasted a good 5 days, which is pretty much what I’d expect from a creme OPI polish. I am VERY impressed.

Photos! First up are my pathetic Photobooth attempts, and the last two are proper camera shots. The colour in the camera photos is most true to life, I reckon.

Paws up, little monsters!

Special-plus-bonus: After a shower this stuff peeled off in the most satisfying way. You know you love it.