Happy Halloween!


Loyal subjects, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but on Halloween adults aren’t allowed to go trick or treating! They, in fact, have to go to work. I know, I know, but settle down, all is not lost. I have chocolate in the house in case of a sudden attack of small children, drunk students, or chocolate cravings, and I spooked it up at work today as much as humanly possible in an open-plan world. You see what I did there.

Outfit details: black scalloped blouse from Glassons, skirt from Bodyline worn with petticoat underneath, black tights because they’re totes spooky, creme lacquer roses belt from City Chic, cream/black heels from Mischief Shoes (bows removed), skull and crossbones brooch from Karen Walker, bat necklace and hair clip from Thornapple Bootique.

To end with full disclosure: I totally chickened out of wearing visible jewellery in my septum. I just cannae do it, captain! Not in the office. It’s a Thing.


Review: OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air


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Round two of my OPI Muppets obsession! This one is Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Since it’s the same brand and formula as Rainbow Connection I’m not going to give such a detailed review – pretty much everything I said in my previous review applies to Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Er, except the colour of course! Fresh Frog is a clear base with emerald green glitter, and large silver hexagonal discs. I’m still torn on whether I would have preferred emerald green discs instead of silver so that the polish shows pure green with an interesting texture… but I do like this very much. How could I not? They’re Slytherin nails! Just kidding, we all know Kermit would be a Hufflepuff.

I learnt from my Rainbow Connection experience and after my base coat I applied a coat of OPI Green-wich Village, which is more Kermit green than emerald green (confused yet?) but was a close enough match for my purposes. It totally worked – three coats of Fresh Frog of Bel Air on top and I couldn’t see the creme polish at all, but by golly did it ever improve the glitter’s staying power! With the completely un-see-able layer of creme polish underneath Fresh Frog lasted a good 5 days, which is pretty much what I’d expect from a creme OPI polish. I am VERY impressed.

Photos! First up are my pathetic Photobooth attempts, and the last two are proper camera shots. The colour in the camera photos is most true to life, I reckon.

Paws up, little monsters!

Special-plus-bonus: After a shower this stuff peeled off in the most satisfying way. You know you love it.



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I have a secret.

Credit to Hyperbole and a Half


It’s a pretty great secret.

Credit to Hyperbole and a Half

It’s even greater than that.

Credit to Hyperbole and a Half

And all shall be revealed in T-delivery time. Until then, have a clue (and some fucking wise words):

Credit to Cookie Monster, I assume.

Outfit post: Kate Sylvester, Flora, and Fauna


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This is the ‘Flora’ dress from Kate Sylvester‘s ‘This Charming Man’ range.

Outfit details: Flora dress by Kate Sylvester, Dotti cropped cardigan, black leather bow belt from Kate Sylvester, red opaques from Glassons, Victorian booties from Kumfs.

See how it fits me beautifully? Funny, because the same fucking dress in the current ‘Into the Light’ range (with a deathshead moth print instead of the roses) was 2 inches too small in the waist. SORT YOUR SIZING THE FUCK OUT KATE SYLVESTER, because I notice the dress hasn’t sold instore and I think I’ve just identified why. This is why I have the t-shirt version, which I love, but I wanted the dress.

Outfit details: Deathshead moth t-shirt from Kate Sylvester, daisy print circle skirt made by me, black leather bow belt from Karen Walker, black opaques, black/brown boots from Mi Piaci

Outfit post: Blue and brown and cream, oh my!


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… title says it all, really. This is known as my ‘Tim Burton dress’ (worn here as a skirt). I have a bit of a thing for stripes too.

Outfit details: Blue and cream striped dress made by me and worn with a black petticoat underneath for shape, blue scalloped blouse from Glassons, brown/cream lace belt from Glassons, pearls from Diva or Equip or one of those cheapie jewellery places because seriously they’re all interchangeable, black/tan fishnets from Glassons, brown/black boots from Mi Piaci.

Review: OPI Rainbow Connection


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Loyal subjects, I know I promised a review of OPI Gold Shatter but the fucking thing hasn’t arrived. I’ve had to pull a delivery dispute on that shizz ’cause Courier Post say they’ve delivered it but they are filthy. filthy liars.


Anyway, in the meantime I got another parcel! This one contained two polishes from the OPI Muppets range – Rainbow Connection and Fresh Frog of Bel Air. Rainbow Connection… occurred immediately.


The bottle is the standard OPI bottle, no surprises there. Good medium sized brush, although given that this polish includes large pieces of glitter a bigger brush may have ensured a more even spread.

The polish is a clear base with a multicoloured mix of small pieces of glitter and large hexagonal pieces. The clear base is an important point – it means that just one coat is not particularly effective on the nail, because there’s only so much glitter that gets distributed in a single layer. This polish takes commitment to apply – it’s not a slap-dash job if you want a really effective finish. BUT a clear base does mean you can layer it over other colours for a different look – I’m keen to try it over OPI Skull and Glossbones, a soft dove grey.

I did 5 coats in the end I think (2-3 is standard for me). I did deliberately thick coats to maximise the amount of glitter, though, so really it’s probably around 7 coats thick. I used an Australis 3-in-1* base/top coat as both a base coat and a top coat. The glitter in the polish means it has a rough textured finish, and while I have no problem with that it does tend to catch on things like fabric so the glitter wears off more quickly, hence recommending a top coat. Obviously I waited until each coat was completely dry before adding the next (this means you don’t get those little bubbles). I found that even with the thick coats the polish-to-glitter ratio meant it dried quite quickly – it’s not like you have to wait for glitter to dry, just the clear polish binder!

I LOVE the result – I look like I dipped my fingertips in glue, stuck my fingers in a pot of glitter, then wiped off the excess. Only, y’know, in a format which won’t fuck up my nails after. Because glue. Ick. Anyway, I even like the parts where I went onto my cuticle – with a regular polish it’s a smudge that needs to be corrected, but with Rainbow Connection it looks great, like the glitter is migrating slightly.

My only complaint is it’s not a long-wearer, I could tell immediately. Even with my typing-intensive desk job an OPI polish will usually last me 5 or so days without chipping. I applied Rainbow Connection at 10am yesterday and by 1pm the same day it was already wearing away from the tips the tiniest bit. Not so anyone would notice, but *I* could see. It’s the telescopic vision, nothing I can do about that. Anyway enough about my boring superpowers – I figure the little bits of glitter fall away pretty quickly as the clear polish wears. No matter, it’s really more of a party polish than a long-haul prospect**.


I was highly unsurprised to find my Photobooth didn’t focus on the crazy multi-directional sparkle, so as always you get many photos in lieu of good photos.

Next up will be Fresh Frog of Bel Air! And tracking down my FUCKING GOLD SHATTER YOU BASTARDS THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Toodles!

UPDATE: Yeah, this baby only lasted til Tuesday, so three-ish days. Definitely not a long-wearer.

*It’s also a ‘nail treatment’. Supposedly. Whatever, it was $8 and I had  $5 voucher at the pharmacy. So I win.

** If you think this is going to prevent me wearing this to the office you have severely underestimated my dedication to my art. Of wearing nail polish. To the office. It’s a niche genre.

And while I have your attention:


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Time says the ‘nail polish index’ has overtaken the ‘lipstick index’.

Now, I’m no high-flyin’ big shot city journ’list, but it seems to me if you’d put the tiniest bit of research into this topic you would have found:

  • OPI and China Glaze have recently resurrected the shatter formula, and once again nail art is mainstream*.
  • Nail polish brands are starting to use the same marketing techniques that lipstick-focussed brands have used for years, such as using a celebrity association.
  • The advent of lip gloss as the ‘it’ lip product has split the ‘lipstick’ market.
Feel free to add to this list of reasons why I think I’d be better at writing articles than that person at the Times the Times is wrong!

My credentials, let me show you them.

*Like it ever went away *sniff*

ETA: I feel duty-bound to admit that lipstick has been touted for a season or two now over lipgloss, but I’m standing by my claim because gloss is still a great hulking presence. Just didn’t want to lose my fashion-obsession credentials. Carry on.

Outfit post: Meet you in the red room


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Hourglass in a shift dress. No, I haven’t gone mad. The key is to wear a slip (this dress has one built in) and find a dress which neither clings or swamps you. Go up a size if you must, it’s not like anyone gives a flying fuck about numbers on a label. This dress makes me think of flappers, I think it’s the assorted knife pleats at the hem. I can’t usually pull off ’20s inspired things so this pleases your ruler greatly.

Outfit details: Dress from Farmers, patterned fishnets from Glassons, gunmetal grey shoes from Molly N via a wardrobe clear-out. Muhuhaha score. 

I took the opportunity to nab a few photos of this dress with my red and navy striped blazer which I usually wear it with. Today it stayed home because it didn’t match the gunmental grey shoes and my back isn’t good enough for my blue wedge platforms*. But it got the tiniest outing all the way to the camera and back:

This jacket aaaaaaalmost doesn’t work on me because of the stiff, straight lines on my no-straight-lines-at-all-are-you-kidding-me-and-also-boobs shape, but it hits me at that sweet spot on the waist, and as long as I don’t button it up** then it stays ‘framing’ rather than ‘boxy’.

Oh yeah.


*Yes, I am exactly this anal. Welcome to the inside of my head.

** no chance. Boobs. Doesn’t bother me though, I wouldn’t want to button it anyway SO IT’S NOT LIKE I CARE MOM JEEZ I’M GOING TO MY ROOM TO LISTEN TO GOOD CHARLOTTE AT LEAST THEY GET ME.

Outfit post: Your annual eye exam.



Loyal subjects, I’m a fan of block colours. But I’m also a fan of being contrary. So behold your divine ruler mixing patterns in one outfit! If you’re going to try this at home (and of course you are) I’d recommend either sticking with the same colour palette as I have done, or keeping the patterns approximately the same size. Or not. You should know by now I’m not going to order you to do anything you don’t want to! Wait, no, that’s a lie. But you can still wear whatever the hell you want.

Here’s me wearing whatever the hell I want:

Closer look:

Belt detail:

Close-up of the fabric:

Outfit details: Pussy-bow tunic from Glassons, daisy print circle skirt made by me, black leather Karen Walker belt.

Shoes were basic black lace-ups,  because my back injury was playing up. But if you like you can imagine I’m wearing something fabulous.


Outfit post: It ain’t easy being cliche



Y’all know what I was going for there. Couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

Love you, Kermit.

(this one is closest to the actual shade of green)

Outfit details: dress from Stax, belt from my Mum, black/tan fishnets from Glassons, black/brown boots from Mi Piaci.

And as a bit of a teaser I’ve just bought OPI Gold Shatter, so stay tuned for a review!

And now that I am finished with you, you may go!